If you are looking to brush up on your knowledge of EHR software end optimization, then these books will get you where you need to be. Be on the lookout for updated editions, as information technology is always growing and changing.

Electronic Health Records for Dummies by Anita Samarth

Learn about recording electronic health records (EHR) via software. Nurses, doctors, and hospitals can utilize this book to learn more about the effectiveness of EHR systems. Find out how these systems operate across different healthcare settings via a central information system. This study guide is compiled in a way that makes all the concepts easily understood.

Exploring Electronic Health Records by Karen Lankisch

Discover the importance of an EHR system to ensure patient safety. This textbook equips students with enough knowledge of EHR systems to understand all the different aspects of the software. This makes it appropriate for medical students. It caters to different types of learners, with many images, tutorials, and figures to enhance the learning process.

Beyond EHR by Jeffery P. Daigrepont

This handy textbook teaches students to use technology to cater to the demands in the health sector. Learn about various cloud-based systems that work together with EHR systems to increase productivity in the workplace. Discover how artificial intelligence is being employed to further enhance the effectiveness of EHR software.

Discover in-depth knowledge on the challenges of the current clinical environment and how advances in analytics and deep learning software continue to improve the way we record patient information. Find out about the various advances in cloud computing, cyber security, and electronic patient engagement.

Ensuring the Integrity of Electronic Health Records by Orlando Lopez

Learn why the integrity of patient data is central to the implementation and usage of any EHR system when it comes to storing, retrieving, and processing patient data. Study the critical aspects of patient data and the way we record patient data.

Get to grips with the legal concepts surrounding patient data and the role of cyber security in a world that has become increasingly susceptible to cybercrime and hackers.