This informative section provides quick answers to some of the most pressing questions involving EHR software solutions.

What makes EHR reliable?

A reliable EHR software solution would first and foremost be one that is certified by a legal health authority. This ensures that the software has passed the necessary vetting. Reliable software systems will also enable practices to receive customized solutions. The software will also make the transition process easier, whether through updates or adapting to a new system.

How long does it take for a system to go live?

When EHR software is bought, it can take a couple of weeks for it to go live. It will likely depend on the size of the practice or medical institution and its demands. The process of training and customizing the platform to suit the needs of a business also needs to be taken into consideration. Using a system without requiring any form of customization can shorten the timeframe.

How much does system, training, and implementation cost?

The cost of the system will depend on the number of healthcare providers on-site. This includes specialists and other healthcare professionals. It also depends on whether your software will rely on a server-based or a cloud-based approach. Costs may vary considerably from practice to practice.

What if the system stops working?

Companies that provide EHR software solutions are normally equipped with a 24/7 support service. They can often communicate with clients via Live Chat, email, or phone. You will be able to select the communication channel that you prefer. If a solution is not possible via any of these channels, technicians are also on call for on-site support.

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