The medical industry is very competitive. There are many companies and businesses that are in fierce competition to provide effective and advanced medical treatments and solutions.

The IT industry is only a couple of decades old, but it has quickly caught up to the demands of the ever-growing health sector. When it comes to providing EHR software solutions, the following companies have stuck their necks out.


This company operates in the private sector. It currently offers EHR solutions to over 800,000 medical professionals. The institution employs about 5000 individuals and recorded a revenue of over $440 million in 2016. eClinicalWorks designs management software, EHR software, and various other tools.

eClinicalWorks equips clinical institutions with the necessary resources to help them cope with vast amounts of patient records. Their software solutions also help healthcare practitioners to coordinate their efforts more efficiently.


This EHR software provider currently supports over 150,000 physicians through their systems. They develop programmes that support ambulatory practices. The company focuses on small to medium clinical practices. They have a unique approach to assisting these smaller businesses with their patient records.


This is a company based in the USA. It currently employs over 7000 individuals, with its target market being small physician practices. With its central focus being on physicians, its platform is designed to assist these medical professionals. Their systems are currently being used by physician practises and other healthcare providers.


This organization has received international recognition for its IT systems. It has won rewards for software relating to Patient Experience Management, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. International health authorities also rated CareCloud as the best cloud-based solution for ambulatory care practices.


Cerner is arguably one of the highest-rated IT solutions for clinical practices. Inpatient care often makes use of these services. This company provides services for healthcare providers across more than 50 specialities. This includes the financial, clinical, and various operational needs that practices may have.


As the name suggests, Epic focuses on large medical and inpatient environments. They have received various rewards and achievements for catering to large clinical institutions. The software, albeit expensive, is optimized to handle vast amounts of patient data and information. These IT resources are also known to be user friendly.

EPIC has won awards for five years in a row in the past for its effective EHR solutions. The software has also been designed to make it easier for the workforce to adapt to updates and changes to the system. Their solutions are currently being utilized by community hospitals and academic medical centres, among others.

Choosing the right provider

Even though many of these software providers specialize in providing effective EHR solutions, each company is characterized by focusing on a particular medical field or environment.