The first electronic medical record (EHR) system was developed in 1972 by the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis, United States. Today, clinical practices can have more free time on their hands with efficient EHR software.

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Widespread use of the software

Unfortunately, the software was expensive when it was first released. This made it less affordable to private medical practices and physicians. Yet as time went by, the software became more affordable, and these systems are now used across the globe.

Even though this technology is widespread, there are many EHR software providers that deem their product to be the best on the market. This may not always be the case as there are many counterfeit software providers that often try to make a quick buck. Potential buyers should be aware and do proper research before making any payments.

Creating awareness

Many clinical environments may yet be unaware of the EHR systems that are available on the market. Doing the necessary research about obtaining an EHR system that is suitable for a particular business model may be challenging. There is a need to create more awareness among clinical practices about the benefits of acquiring an efficient EHR system.

Getting it right the first time

There are many professional companies out there who are registered and certified to provide clinical practices with reliable software that will ultimately improve the relationship between the practice and the patient.

These service providers and software suppliers are often registered with a well-known medical authority or government institution. It is necessary to do adequate research before choosing a suitable software solution for your clinical practice.